Monday, April 18, 2011

Well, what do we do now?

Well, here we are. A long time ago, I had started a blog about life with Big J and Wooja - but for some reason I can't edit or add new posts. So, for posterity, here it is:

Three years have passed since my last post on that blog, and I've never added a post to this blog - and now the title is irrelevant! It was once called The Perfect Three, but we are now no longer the Perfect Three, having added the beautiful Boysie to our family. So we're the Perfect Four.

Boysie is a beautiful little boy, turning 2 in a couple of months; he is energetic, a great mimic, a cuddly, soft, adorable chunk of love who is clinging firmly to his babyhood by still enjoying his 'mama' - his breastfeeds - whilst learning to explore the world on his own two little sturdy legs.

Apart from welcoming him to our family, there have been other big changes. The beautiful Wooja is now nearly 7. SEVEN! How did that happen? She is still irrepressible, quirky, spunky, and lively. She still makes us tear our hair out one minute and the next, fall about laughing at some antic. She can read, and finds words just as irresistible as I do. She is a wonderful big sister who adores her little brother. We are very thankful.

We have also moved away from the land of perpetual sunshine, across the country to a place where it is cold, wet, and gorgeous. The kids are thriving; Wooja is loving her school and has made friends and has a best friend; they call themselves the Twinny-winnys.

Boysie loves romping in the backyard, watching at the door for his Daddy, and testing his new vocabulary (which is still rather limited, and includes Mummy, Daddy, Diddy, bear, baby, dog, ball, and twuck.)

Big J is now ensconced in his career of choice, and is doing rather well.

Me, I'm finding it all a little harder. I didn't realise that life would change so drastically. I was very accustomed to Big J being around so much, and I miss him. The kids miss him. He misses the kids, too, to complete the trifecta of sad people who miss each other. But we manage.

So, here is to many more blog posts ... I hope!

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