Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The leaves are turning, and our time here is nearly up.

We've made the monumental decision to leave the paradise island which has been home for the past 2 and a bit years.

Paradise found? Yes, this really is our local playground.

I say 'we've' made the decision, but really it has been God who has opened the doors for us ... which helps when I start to feel stressed and anxious (which is often!).

So, we're packing up our things and heading north. Back to the mainland, as the locals say.

Packing up is a bit of an anomaly. Really, what we are doing is getting rid of stuff and then riding out of this town on our metaphorical horse, which in this case is one small sedan which will be filled to the brim with a guitar, four bags of clothing (one for each family member), a box of toys (the selection of which I am dreading), four people (one big, one medium and two rather small) and two guinea pigs. Everything else is being given away or sold for ridiculous take-it-off-our-hands prices, save for a few cartons of books and personal items.

And it feels pretty good. How long can we last without all the personal detritus which gets accumulated when one lives in one spot for any period of time? Our first stop is for six months, and we will be living in furnished accommodation and I am adamant that we WILL NOT accumulate. Certainly we'll have to get a couple of things - bikes for the kids, for example, or they will drive me nuts - but I am hoping that I (and the kids) will happily adapt to not having a thousand and one kitchen gadgets and a trillion Polly Pockets and their assorted teeny tiny accessories which seem to litter the house.

What started out as a way to save serious cash has now morphed into something ... different. More noble? (I'd like to think so, being the self righteous fool I can be). Deluded? Time will tell. But it is exciting, this process of shedding the things which root us to this earth instead of looking ever forward.

Bring it on.

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